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 Soviet Counter Guide

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PostSubject: Soviet Counter Guide   Sat May 12, 2012 3:44 pm

Soviet Counter Guide

Soviet is a proactive faction, meant to bring the fight to the other factions. This becomes less and less true the longer games last against the other factions, and Soviet will have to learn counters to units from all factions. I find that Soviet has the most difficult time countering of all of the factions, but it can be done with good control and a quick mind.


Grizzlies- The way to counter grizzlies is to use rhinos. Rhinos can beat grizzlies straight up, due to superior firepower, armor, and range. If you want to totally seal your victory, make fodder. Terror drones also work wonders against grizzlies.

Grizzlies + fodder- Use rhinos and fodder. You must have better tank control, or manually target the grizzlies. Another option is to run over the fodder, then use the superior rhinos to win the tank battle for you.

Machine Gun IFVs- To counter these units is to make a sentry, but don't place it until he attacks a structure. He will most likely go for your tesla reactor or barracks. Defend them at all costs. Place the sentry, then move in with rhinos. He will be forced away, as he cannot lose the ifvs because they are such a large investment. This will largely neutralize this force. Be careful, however. You cannot leave your base until you have spare tanks or the ifvs are killed.

GGI IFVs- All you need is fodder and rhinos. The fodder will absorb the ggi rockets, doing minimal damage. The tanks will either kill the ifvs or force a retreat.

Grizzlies + GGI IFVs- Fodder and rhinos are all you need. The grizzlies and ifvs will not do well vs the fodder, giving your rhinos dominance in the battle.

GI/GGI- Desos to melt them, or Boris to kill them.

Para- Desos or Boris to kill them once they land. Or you can kill them in the air with flak troopers or flak tracks. Choppers can pick them off also.

Rocketeers- Flak troopers and flak tracks make excellent counters to rockies, particularly the flak tracks due to their mobility. Flak cannons can do their part in locking down a part of a base, making it off limits to the rocketeers. Also, late game choppers en masse can make short work of rocketeers due to their survivability over the rocketeers.

Harriers/Black Eagles- To keep them from bombing your tanks in your base, put up a flak cannon in front of your war factory as they approach your tanks. This will prevent them from bombing your tanks, allowing you to make some flak tracks for mobile anti-air to protect tanks and other flanks of your base.

Mirage Tanks- Desolators are sadly the only hard counter to mirages for Soviet. If they have low numbers of mirages, then you can engage with rhinos, but once they are massed, desolators are key to defeating them. You can walk them to the edges of mirage range and deploy them, but a more effective way is to load them in a flak track. Drive the flak track into the mirages, and upon death of the flak track, the desos will pop out. Deploy them immediately, and melt the mirages. Also, if you can manage to attack them from the air with choppers, you can pick off a few.

Battle Fortress- A lone battle fortress is not difficult to take out at all. Just bring a few rhinos and click past the battle fortress. The rhinos will attack the battle fortress automatically. The rhinos are faster, so they will catch up. If you are not confident in your ability to take down the battle fortress, then bring some choppers or a kirov to act as fodder, while running your rhinos to the battle fortress. Also, you can try to split rhinos and attack the battle fortress from multiple angles, taking away his retreat path.

Mirage Tanks + Battle Fortress- This gets a little tricky. The mirages will hang back and the battle fortress will poke forward, taking out any rhinos you have, then retreat behind the mirages. The problem isn't the battle fortress; it is the group of mirages. To counter this, you need desos and rhinos. Move the desos forward, and when the battle fortress tries to kill the desos, then move your rhinos in and kill the battle fortress quickly. Retreat, then kill the mirages with desos. Another way to tackle this is to flank the mirages with a flak track full of desos. Deploy the desos when the flak track is killed, and melt away the support the battle fortress has. Then kill the lone battle fortress.

Prism Tanks- Desolators kill prism tanks in the same way they kill mirage tanks. It is harder to walk a deso up to a prism tank though, due to it's superior range. A flak track full of desos are better, just deploy the desos when the flak track dies, and you have a lot of dead prisms. Another way to kill prisms is to use rhinos or apocs. The armor from those vehicles can withstand the beams, allowing them to close in and annihilate the prisms. Also, choppers can take out prism tanks. An Allied player should not really make prisms against a Soviet player, due to the armor of rhinos.

Robot Tanks- Rhinos are more than capable of taking on robot tanks, but getting some fodder in with the rhinos surely won't hurt. If the robot tanks are travelling via water, then use typhoon subs and squids to thin their numbers.

Destroyers- Do not engage destroyers with only typhoon subs, unless you have a clear numerical advantage. They can outmaneuver your subs, and get a lot of damage in, while you get minimal damage in. Utilize sea scorpion with the typhoon subs so the ospreys (little yellow planes) don't hit your subs and are shot down. This forces the Allied player to either target the sea scorpions, allowing your subs to do more damage, or just retreat.

Aegis Cruiser- Typhoon subs and squids work well against these bad boys.

Dolphins- Dolphins are not really hard countered by anything the Soviets have in their naval arsenal. Once enough of them are massed, they can kill so much quickly. You can use a mixture of typhoon subs and squids to get their numbers down, but they can reinforce more quickly than you due to the dolphins low cost.

Aircraft Carrier- Typhoon subs and squids work wonders against these guys. Throwing in sea scorpions slows down or prevents the
damage they are trying to inflict.

Sniper- Snipers either walking, or in a vehicle can be a pain for Soviet, particularly Iraq. This forces you to not make fodder, thus giving you a disadvantage in tank battles. The key to winning here is to just mass enough units, split well, and do hit and run tactics on the Allied player.

Tank Destroyers- Tank destroyers are powerful anti-armor options. They have 3 weaknesses that can be exploited. The first thing to note is that tank destroyers do almost no damage to infantry and buidings. That means fodder and sentries work well in buffering the damage they dish out. The German player may decide to click your tanks with them. If he does this, then use the lack of speed and maneuverability they have. You can run circles around them, forcing them to back off or take heavy losses. Terror drones enjoy a surprising advantage over tank destroyers. They possess a special armor type, that tank destroyers are
bad against, allowing you to drone them to death.

Grand Cannon- Cannons can be difficult to deal with. The best way is to hit the cannon with choppers if there is no anti-air around. Also, deployed siege choppers from a higher ground can be effective. If that isn't an option, killing the power plants can power the cannon down. If things are really rough, you can just charge the cannon. It cannot shoot anything too close it it. A good tactic is to use a high armor unit such as an apoc or war miners, and walk near important things the player has. Whether it is his army or structures, the cannon will help you destroy them.


Rhinos- Using fodder in addition to rhinos is the way to go. Also, terror drones can dismantle a large battalion of tanks.

Terror Drones- Terror drones are difficult for Soviet to counter. If they are trying to drone tanks that come out of your war factory, I suggest making four conscripts. Place two on each side of the war factory exit. They will shoot the drone as it approaches, slowing it down and doing damage. This will allow you to move your tanks back and shoot the drone, taking it out. If the player has bad control, it may kill the conscripts instead, meaning more time to shoot the drone with yuor tanks. If they are massing drones, a sentry gun or two in addition to the conscipts may be worth investing in. A drone for a rhino is not a good trade, so make sure you don't lose any rhinos. Tesla tanks do a good job of countering drones.

Flak Tracks- Lone flak tracks are very easy to beat. Just throw rhinos or drones at them. They go down quickly.

V3- V3's are vulnerable units that require a lot of support to keep them alive. They move slowly, and have weak armor. You can use rhinos, apocs, desos, or drones to kill them. Choppers also kill them quickly.

Apocalypse- These behemoths are countered in two ways. Using fodder, you can overwhelm an apoc company with rhinos or even your own apocs. Since they fire so slowly, terror drones can ruin a group of apocs.

Siege Choppers- Airborne siege choppers are a pain to deal with. Using flak troopers at home, flak tracks, flak cannons, and even your own choppers are effective ways of dealing with them. Just watch out for their mobility, as they can get in some good sneak attacks.

Deployed Siege Choppers- Deployed siege choppers can deal massive damage, especially to a base. I suggest using airborne siege choppers to counter this. Apocs can be useful, because of good armor, but the choppers can get away from them. Use rhinos for this if you are going to use a ground unit.

Desolator- Desolators are not very effective against Soviet countries in most cases. If you do see a deso, just kill him with a terror drone, as they are immune to radiation. Also, war miners kill desos quickly.

Rhinos + Fodder- You must use your own rhinos and fodder with better micro. If they are attacking you at your base, then use a sentry gun for extra firepower and cannon fodder. The sentry can also kill off enemy fodder.

Rhinos + Desolators- The desos forces you to forego fodder other than your own desos, so just bring in some drones with your rhinos to kill the desos. Conversely, you can also use war miners that double as fodder and an anti-deso unit.

Kirov Airship- Kirovs are so slow, they can be taken down easily in most cases with minimal units. Flak troopers, flak tracks, flak cannons, apocs, and choppers are good ways to kill them.

Typhoon Submarine- Squids are the most effective way to kill a sub, but using your own subs is a good way to win. You just have to have better control or superior numbers.

Sea Scorpion- Squids and subs are the hard counters here.

Squids- The only way to counter squids is to make your own squids.

Dreadnaught- Dreads are easily countered by typhoon subs and squids. Sea scropions are good at reducing their damage while being destroyed by the squid.

Terrorists- These units are frail, so they are usually put inside flak tracks. Droning the flak is the best way to counter this, as other counters are too slow or will get damaged badly as a result of destroying the flak.

Demolition Truck- There are three ways to counter demo trucks. The safest way is to drone the demo truck before it gets to your base. You will lose the drone, but it is cheaper than the demo truck. The most cost efficient way is to intercept it with an apoc. The apoc will destroy it qucickly, and the demo truck isn't fast enough to outmaneuver the apoc. Choppers also make short work of the demo truck.

Tesla Tanks- Tesla tanks lack a good attack range and armor. This makes rhinos a good counter, since the rhinos have good armor and range. You can kite the tesla tanks all day. Also, the rhinos can move and fire, all while being cheaper!


Lasher Tanks- Rhinos can take out lashers by themselves, but fodder will make the fight more one-sided.

Lasher Tanks + Brutes- Instead of typical fodder, you will need desos or drones to go with your rhinos. The deso/drone will kill the brutes, and the rhinos will take care of the lashers.

Magnetron- Mags are hard countered by desos, or infantry in general. They are usually accompanied by other units though, making it tough to kill the mag. Air units can also kill them, such as choppers.

Lasher Tanks + Gattling Tanks + Magnetron- You will need rhinos and desos to counter this composition. Use the rhinos to kill the gats and lashers. The magnetron will ruin this though, so you need to kill it with the deso. If he tries to kill the deso with gats, then deploy it and kill the gats, leaving the weakened lashers and the magnetron to kill all of your rhinos.

Masterminds- The best way to kill a mastermind is with a terror drone. Use this only if the mastermind is unattended, because gats will make short work of your drone.

Chaos Drone- Chaos drones are meant to counter desos, but if you find one coming at you, drone it with a terror drone. The terror drone is immune to the toxic gas. Choppers also hard counter chaos drones.

Floating Disks- Load flak troopers inside of flak tracks, and go after the disks. Combine this with choppers and he will have no way to kill you with disks. A flak cannon can help, but beware of him shutting it down or killing your power.

Brutes- Terror drones and desolators make short work of brutes. Desolators are the better choice.

Virus- A virus can kill your fodder off if you have any. You can take them out with war miners, flak tracks, drones, and even rhinos. Choppers also do well versus a virus.

Yuri Clone- Attack dogs, terror drones, and choppers.

Yuri Prime- Terror drones and choppers work well here. Attack dogs suffer because of the psy wave he has that kills infantry.

Boomer Submarines- These monstrosities are countered by using typhoon subs. Squids are a waste of money because they cannot thrash a boomer. You can make two typhoons per boomer.

Lasher Tanks + Gattling Tanks + Slave Miners + Magnetrons- This is a tough composition to beat. You basically need rhinos, desos, and deployed siege choppers. The choppers will kill the lashers and slave miners from the back. Try to target the lasher tanks though, because they do more damage and the slave miners are meant to be buffers. The desos try to melt the mags and gats. Watch the slave miners though, as they will try to kill the desos. The rhinos are there to do damage. If he has a mastermind in the group, then you need less rhinos and add drones. Drone the mag and mastermind when you can.

This concludes my guide on Soviet counters. Good luck on the battlefield Soviet players. Bring glory to Mother Russia, and crush anyone who stands in your way with an iron fist!

“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

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PostSubject: Re: Soviet Counter Guide   Wed May 16, 2012 6:11 am

Extremely long read, but a lot of good info in there. When will you be releasing the Allied/Yuri counter guide?
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Former Leader of AJust

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PostSubject: Re: Soviet Counter Guide   Wed May 16, 2012 6:42 am

I will probably do the Yuri one next, and I will release that before the weekend hopefully.

“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

-Genghis Khan
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PostSubject: Re: Soviet Counter Guide   

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Soviet Counter Guide
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