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 Yuri's Revenge: The Basics

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Former Leader of AJust

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PostSubject: Yuri's Revenge: The Basics   Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:16 am

Yuri's Revenge is a fairly simple game once you get the hang of it. Many people start playing this game thinking they can be decent from the start. But playing online against human opponents is a challenge unlike any other. We are here to prepare you for these challenges and get you to you maximum potential. So without further ado, I present to you, the basics of Yuri's Revenge.

Gist of the game Online

Yuri's Revenge is played very differently online than what you may be used to when playing the AI. The AI gets a lot of extra money, allowing them to make these bases that are almost impossible to rush, meanwhile creating units that will smash your base to bits. After playing like that for a while, you may get accustomed to turtling, or camping behind base defenses such as Prism Towers. This WILL get you killed online. The best players are aggressive when they need to be, and will not make many base defenses. The reason is simple. Base defenses are not mobile. Suppose you create a wall of prism towers early on in the game. You may be hard to attack head on, but your miners will not be. They will eventually venture off into a far away ore patch. Your base defenses cannot follow and defend them. The enemy will simply crush you then while taking over the whole map. They will then have more money to beat you with, getting units that outrange your defenses. The lesson: do not rely on base defenses for protection. What are you supposed to protect yourself with then? The answer is simple. Units. Units should be your primary means of protection. This is because units can defend, but they can also attack. Mobile defense. Once you get the hang of not utilizing base defenses, your game will drastically improve.

Which brings me to the next section. Funding your army. This is absolutely crucial. Economy is one of the few things that really help determine the outcome of a match. If you have more money than your opponent, you have a decisive advantage over him. There is a specific way to do this, but varies depending on several factors. The most basic way to get a good economy going is to follow this simple build order: power, barracks, ore refinery, wf, 0-2 miners from wf depending on your strategy, and then make another refinery. Sell the first refinery to get some cash back. This gets you extra money and minimizes the investment in refineries. A general rule of thumb is to build an amount of miners from wf that corresponds with a certain map size. For instance, on small maps it is usually a good idea to skip miners altogether and focus on tanks initially. Medium maps you can get 1 miner. Larger maps can yield 2 miners. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but this section is for basics. A key to getting money more quickly has to do with how you place your buildings. Always build your refineries as close to the ore as you possibly can. This usually involves placing several buildings in a line away from your construction yard. This is called stretching. Stretching looks like how it sounds, stretching your base as far as it can go, basically from ore patch to ore patch. It may seem harder to defend, and it may be. But if you are the quicker player, you will not have to defend.

In addition to stretching, there is one other thing that you MUST do every single game. That is scouting. Scouting is essential to success in the early game and many times causes the outcome of the game. Basically, scouting is done after you build your barracks. Allied and Soviet players train dogs (2-4), and send them in different directions throughout the map. Yuri players either send initiates or brutes. This allows you to see more of the map, and you can see through the shroud before a radar or spy satellite is up. You also wont have to rely on spy planes or psychic reveal. Scouting allows you to see inside your opponent's base and gives you intel on him. You get to see what units he is making, thus allowing you to counter them. If you see your opponent making rocketeers, make some flak tracks/ifvs. This will most likely end the game if he makes enough of them. Scouting also works for you defensively. If you see an opponent sending a sneak attack, you can prepare for it.

Ok, still with me? That is about half of the basics on a tactical level. Next thing on the list is unit preservation. This is extremely important. Keeping your units alive when the game is close can be the deciding factor. Even if your damaged unit gets off one more shot, that shot can be the difference between victory and defeat. If you see that you cannot win the fight with your opponent, do not go in anyway. You would be surprised how often this occurs. Retreat and live to fight another day. If you are fighting a battle and are unsure of victory or are losing, then retreat. Do not continue to die, as this will lead to the inevitable, and usually game-ending, counter attack. There are two main categories of unit preservation; tank control and fodder. Tank control is the science (or art, however you see it), of maneuvering your tanks so that they get the most shots onto the enemy. This involves keeping them in a specific formation. Never send your tanks in a line. This will result in the tanks getting picked off one by one. It is best to send them in a cluster, preferably with the longer side facing the enemy. This way, more tanks get off shots, initially giving you the upper hand. The enemy should then try and move his tanks to the weak spot of your formation. It is up to you to continue to move your tanks to his weak side, and keeping him from yours. Tank control also is dependent on terrain. Dense forests will split up your tanks, making them easier to kill. Height also plays a factor. Tanks get a bonus to their range when they are up on a cliff or on higher ground. So, if you can, try to get the higher ground. Tank control is something that takes a while to develop, and some people are better at it than others.

The other aspect of unit preservation is fodder. Fodder are cheaper units to put in front of your tanks that absorb the shots of enemy units to protect your tanks. If your tanks live longer, they can shoot more. This is where tc (tank control) comes in handy. You must try to always keep your fodder between your tanks and the tanks of your opponents. You will be surprised how long your units will survive. This enables them to get more kills, making them more powerful when they get promoted. Unit preservation is probably the hardest part of the game to master. If it does not come to you naturally, do not give up. It takes people years to get good tc.

That is pretty much all of the tactical aspect of the game. One more thing that can give you an advantage on the micro aspect of things is to use hotkeys. They will speed up everything you do. Speed wins wars, trust. Basic hotkeys are as follows:

N-Next Unit (selects the next unit)
M- Previous unit (selects the previous unit)
P- Combat Units (selects all combat units)
D- Deploy (deploys selected units)
S- Stop (stops a unit from carrying out orders)
Q- Buildings (goes to building menu, also makes it to where you do not have to click finished buildings)
W- Defenses (goes to defense menu, makes it to where you do not have to click finished defenses)
E- Infantry (goes to infantry menu)
R- Vehicles (goes to vehicle menu)
Ctrl + #- Control Groups (sets control groups for easier micro)
H- Headquarters (takes screen to your base)

If two players had the exact same skill level, and only one used hotkeys, he would win probably every time.

Rundown of Factions

All three factions in Yuri's Revenge have stark differences. The Allies are weak in the early game, but are very strong in the late game. Soviets are the opposite, being incredibly strong in the early game, fading off in the late game. Yuri is incredibly strong from midgame onward. Soviet is probably easiest to understand and learn, but not necessarily easiest to play. It depends on the individual. Soviet players are the kind of players that like to rush and attack early. They hope to inflict a crushing blow early on and end the game quickly. Allied players usually like to play longer games, teching up to acquire more powerful units. Yuri players also need to tech up to receive powerful units. The game is horribly balanced between the factions. Allied and Soviet is fairly balanced (some may dispute that), but Yuri is simply overpowered. Many hosts will not allow Yuri. Soviets have a particularly hard time against Yuri.

Not only are the factions imbalanced, the countries are too. Here is my personal list from best to worst amonst the nations.

Yuri- Simply overpowered. No point in sugar coding it.
Iraq- Best Soviet country by far and possess the tools to defeat Allied and Yuri.
America- Para are very powerful when used correctly. Free soldiers ever few minutes is invaluable.
Korea- Free aircraft upgrades make them very formidable opponents.
Great Britain- Only nation with a cost effective midgame counter for desolators.
Germany- Tank destroyers are not great, but they are not bad either. Decimates tanks, even rhinos.
France- Grand Cannon is very situational. Usually a waste of money.
Cuba- Potential to counter Allied late game, but way harder than Iraq. Stick to Iraq.
Libya- Demo trucks are simply terrible units. Will be used against you more often than not.
Russia- Tesla tanks are not that bad, but they are way overpriced. Rhinos cost less but do a better job overall.

Again that is my personal list. Many may disagree about the bottom five. It doesn't matter because they are the bottom five, rarely used online.

If you are reading this sentence, you have made it through the grueling basics guide. There will be more tactics and nuances coming up soon. Practice the basics and you will be a decent player.

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AJust Founder/ Archangel Of Justice (Retired)
AJust Founder/ Archangel Of Justice (Retired)

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PostSubject: Re: Yuri's Revenge: The Basics   Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:05 am

Concise yet informative, and to the point. Among the better guides I have seen for the game. Great job Osiris. Smile
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Former Leader of AJust
Former Leader of AJust

Osiris88's Awards
Posts : 1075
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Age : 28
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PostSubject: Re: Yuri's Revenge: The Basics   Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:17 pm

Thanks WarHero. It took long enough (about 40 minutes to type). Mainly because I did it on the fly. I will get up some more advanced guides soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuri's Revenge: The Basics   

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Yuri's Revenge: The Basics
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