This was once the home of the Clan Angels of Justice. The clan is no longer operational, and only the ruins remain.
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 Duce no longer in AJust.

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AJust Founder (Retired)

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PostSubject: Duce no longer in AJust.   Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:38 pm

Dear members,

I regretfully have to announce that our former clan mate KingDuce is no longer a part of AJust.

Duce was allowed to join the clan on several conditions, and warned beforehand that breaking any of them would mean removal from AJust. The relevant topic can be found in Ajust General Discussion. These conditions were necessary due to Duce's substantially controversial background and past behaviour in XWIS. Normally someone with this background would not make it into AJust in the first place, but an exception was done to give him a chance to reform, at his own request.

One of these conditions was a blanket ban on impersonating other players. It came to my attention that Duce had started doing this again. He was warned to stop but he refused, and completely denied to co-operate.

I therefore did what was necessary and removed Duce from the clan.

While this is unfortunate for AJust, the main clan and the training operation will go on without serious repercussions.

Thank you for your time.

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Duce no longer in AJust.
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