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 France vs Germany

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Former Leader of AJust

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PostSubject: France vs Germany   Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:01 pm

Many people will argue that Germany is the weakest Allied side, and that it is worse than Cuba too. While I agree that it is worse than Britain, Korea, and USA, I do not think Germany is worse than France overall. Let me explain.

If France, you receive a grand cannon for $2000. It has long range and does good damage and has good splash damage. However, it costs a lot (a bf), costs power (which makes you spend more on power plants), rotates slow, cannot attack air targets, and cannot take much damage. France is good on certain maps, such as sedona or heck. These are maps with cliffs. They can also be used in country swing to help capture the middle portion of the map. But in my opinion, the cannon is extremely limited and situational.

With Germany, you get the tank destroyer. It gives you a monster of an anti-armor weapon with good armor. It also builds at $900 speed, meaning you can get them faster than grizzlies. Their downside is that they have no rotating turret, move slowly, and are weak to everything but armor. To me, this is superior than a grand cannon because I can use them on any map. Get 2 tank destroyers for every 5-6 grizzlies. Add fodder and you will be tough to beat. Against rhinos, you can use fodder so they have to click your tanks. This offsets you having to click theirs and the fixed turret on the tds. If you get an anti-fodder unit in the mix you can own sov. The only thing is they put a larger drain on your eco than grizzlies because they build faster. I would say that a group of 9 rhinos vs 9 grizzlies and 2 tank destroyers would be a victory for the Allied player.

Overall, Germany is better to me. France is far superior on certain maps, but simply aren't good enough on most.
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PostSubject: Re: France vs Germany   Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:59 pm

Facts are facts. Germany FTW!
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France vs Germany
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